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14 October 2019

From our day to day interaction with customers, it is clear for us that many you are as amazed with the innovative Equilibar ® back pressure technology as we are. Through a customer survey, we ask all customers for their feedback after product delivery. It is very rewarding for us to see that customers value our products, and that they also appreciate the way we work at PCS.

Some of the most relevant outcomes of these surveys – until today – we share here:

  • 92% of our customers rated our products with 8/10 or higher
    • Average product rating across all respondents has been 8.97/10
  • Customers often praise:
    • the smooth operation of our back pressure regulators
    • ease of use / plug-and-play-character of the products
    • durability of our products
  • 100% of the respondents agreed that PCS demonstrates a problem-solving-mindset
  • Customers specifically give high ratings on:
    • responsiveness / fast throughput times from initial RFQ to order
    • our open communication style
    • our relentless effort to find the best-match-product for customers’ applications

We are proud and happy with these results!

We will continue to seek feedback from our customers. We are open to suggestions for change and improvement and will do whatever we can to address any concerns that you may have after delivery of our products. Thank you for choosing Pressure Control Solutions and we continue to aim to exceed your expectations!

Do you have suggestions or questions for us regarding our service or product offering? Let us know!