Electronic Pressure Controllers Overview

Control valves & pressure controllers for automated process control

Do you require optimal precision and repeatability for varying process conditions? Do you operate multiple channels for which you require stable control of 1 or more process parameters? Pressure Control Solutions offers you, with our portfolio of – often customized – pressure controllers, broad experience and expertise in the automated control of process parameters like back pressure, forward pressure, differential pressure, closed volume, vacuum, flow, and level.

Single Valve versus Dual Valve controllers

We divide our automated process solutions and electronic reference pressure controllers into 2 main groups:

  • Single Valve controllers:

ERC Series | Single-Valve High-Pressure ERC Series [page under construction]

  • Dual Valve controllers:

Bronkhorst PPC | Alicat PCS Dual Valve | DRP-70 EPC | HP-ERC Series

Electronic pressure regulator?

An electronic pressure controller contains a pressure transmitter, a PID controller, and a proportional valve. Depending on which pressure you want to maintain, the valve is placed upstream or downstream of the pressure sensor. The signal from a pressure transmitter is fed into a PID controller. The PID controller will actuate the proportional valve to reach the requested setpoint. To select the right pressure transmitter, PID controller, and proportional valve, parameters like pressure-controlled volume, fill time, flow, nature of the media, temperature, etc. need to be considered. We can help you determine the key factors in your application.

Need some help selecting the right high-pressure controller?

With our expertise and broad portfolio, we are confident we can offer the right pressure controller for your application or industry. Thus, we will enable you to push your process application to its limits: Higher pressure, greater control, higher temperatures & exotic materials are all included in our standard package. Accurate process control is what makes our team flow. No matter how specific, unusual or complicated your application might be. 

If you cannot find your application or process challenge listed on our website, please contact us to explore how we can help you!

Read FAQ: Single Valve vs Dual Valve controllers or Contact us

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