Industrial | Equilibar® BD-Series

Industrial pressure control valves for high flow applications

The BD Series is the largest of the Equilibar® product lines. Based on the same dome-loaded, diaphragm-sealed multi-orifice technology, but with some meaningful differences for adequate application in industrial processes:

  • External elbows for optimally efficient use of the space in and around the application;
    As you can see in the pictures and 2D/3D drawings on the left, the BD Series has a much larger diameter;
  • 4 different, larger port sizes – starting at 1,5″ and going up to 4″ (DN40 to DN100) – to accommodate production scale processes and larger flows;
  • Standard body materials include stainless steel, aluminum and PVC;


Enormous rangeability and excellent performance

Just as all back pressure regulators in any Equilibar product line, the BD-valves offer precision and rangeability that outperforms traditional control valves on many aspects. Where standard globe valves often offer a rangeability of 1:40, a single Equilibar dome loaded control valve in the BD Series offers a much better turndown ratio of 1:1.000 to 1:1.400 (the other product lines even provide exponentially higher rangeabilities). This explains how an Equilibar valve is capable of handling both liquids and gases with 1 single valve.

The control valves of the BD Series thus cover a broad portfolio of customer applications, for example in production processes using high viscous media and production processes with large flows.

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