ERC Series | Highest stability in electronic (reference) pressure control

ERC stands for Electronic Reference pressure Control. Although the instrument is well suited to be used as a straightforward pressure reducing – or back pressure controller, it offers much more: This product line was specifically designed by PCS to set the reference pressure for dome-loaded back pressure regulators – very precisely! – for pressures ranging from vacuum up to 200 bar gauge.

Unique design

Controllers in our ERC Series contain a pressure sensor, a proportional valve, and a flow restrictor, all in 1 unique and compact design, combined with a sophisticated PID controller that actuates the proportional valve based on the pressure sensor signal. In a stable situation, the control valve continuously controls the desired pressure by bleeding a tiny amount of reference gas.

Available configurations: Fail-safe modes

By placing the flow restrictor upstream or downstream of the proportional valve, the instrument can be configured to “full pressure” or “pressure release” in case of a power failure. This results in either normally closed, or normally opened control when applying an Equilibar dome loaded back pressure controller.

These electronic pressure controllers facilitate high safety standards in your process. With the pressure release configuration, controlled depressurization is inherent to this product design (dp/dt decreases during depressurization). Safe venting of chemicals is ensured by means of a (centralized) captured vent.

Available models: 1, 2 or 4-channel models

We offer multiple models, suitable for 1, 2, and 4-channel set-ups with 1 central inlet and (centralized) captured vent. The ERC Series controllers offer a turndown ratio in pressure control of 1:100 with excellent control stability and reproducibility.

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