ERC Series

ERC Series | Unique | Innovative | Electronic (Reference) Pressure Control

  • Control pressure ranges from -1 up to 200 bar (g)
  • 1:100 turndown in pressure control
  • Excellent control stability (<0,01%) & repeatability (<0,02%)
  • Compact design & easy piping
  • Multi-channel designs with 1 central inlet
  • Ultra-low consumption of reference gas through unique flow restrictor design
  • Facilitating high safety standards
    – Controlled depressurization by design (dp/dt decreases during depressurization)
    – Safely vent chemicals by means of (centralized) captured vent
  • Analog signal (0…20/4…20 mA & 0…5/0…10 Vdc)
  • Optional: many digital communication protocols available
    – see below for all options
  • In-situ tuning and troubleshooting over RS-232 with diagnostics software

The ERC Series electronic reference controller combines all this in one design!


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