Supercritical | BR Series

Equilibar ® Blockage Resistant control valves

For Supercritical Co2 processes and other special processing

Pressure control is a vital element in supercritical fluid extraction processes, such as the extraction of supercritical carbon dioxide (SCO2). It is important that the pressure regulator is capable of also higher pressures, and the control valve should also be capable of handling multi-phase-flow as well higher temperatures and significant temperature fluctuations.

The BR Series has been designed to be all that. It is highly blockage resistant and a good fit for applications such as supercritical CO2-extraction (SCO2). This back pressure regulator is also applied in other processes where the prevention of clogging, blocking, or freezing is relevant.

Unique design for SCO2 pressure control

The BR Series is based on Equilibar‘s patented technology and designed for precision pressure control, by a mechanism that reduces the so-called Joule-Thomson effect of supercritical fluids that pass through the regulator. As Equilibar describes it on the BR-product-page:

“A primary design feature in this regulator series is a downstream expansion cavity that provides a continuously increasing cross-sectional area to eliminate convergence points for ice buildup. Additionally, this large thermal mass provides increased heat transfer area to heat the outlet fluid through several different means. Lastly, this series has specially designed O-ring grooves to reduce stress during rapid decompression (…)”

This Equilibar back pressure regulator is truly unique in its performance. Check out the tabs on the left or contact us if you want to know more.

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