Pilot Plant | Equilibar® GS Series

Versatile, robust & multi-purpose pressure regulators

The GS Series product line offers a wide range of dome loaded control valves for installations requiring reliable and high precision control of gas, liquid or mixed-phase flow.

  • Reliable pressure regulator for frictionless back pressure control
  • Accuracy within 1-2% even across wide, varying flow ranges
  • Available in 4 models & 5 line sizes; line sizes range from ¼” up to 1”, covering all common line sizes in pilot plants & small-scale production plants
  • Unique multiple orifice technology in compact design
  • Rangeability up to 1:10.000 – often even more – always surpassing the 1:40 that is standard for traditional control valves!
  • Capable of handling gas, liquid or mixed-phase with 1 single valve
  • Robust & low-maintenance with only 1 moving part

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