Equilibar ® Vacuum Regulators for Research

Equilibar vacuum regulators for research applications &  smaller processes

Vacuum control can be crucial in research applications. Research applications often require high precision and reproducibility, but may also demand chemical inertness and thermal stability. Equilibar dome-loaded control valves are exceptionally equipped to serve as vacuum regulators for such applications, because they combine robustness with accuracy, whereas standard regulators often struggle to offer both!

Applying the Research Series in vacuum applications

The product features of the regulators in the Equilibar Research Series facilitate frictionless and highly precise vacuum control, through the application of an electronic vacuum to the regulator outlet and controlling a sub-atmospheric pressure at the reference. This results in an ultra-precise vacuum controller.

The LF (Low Flow) and HF (High Flow) units have been applied many times and with success in vacuum applications for research.

Watch the explanation of the Research Series below and have a look at the application notes on the Applications tab on the left for examples of vacuum applications with the Research Series. Browse the tabs on the left for the specifications of the Equilibar LF and HF pressure regulators.


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