Alicat PCD Dual Valve

Electronic Process Control with Equilibar & Alicat

In 2015, Equilibar and Alicat Scientific – a  manufacturer of mass flow controllers and pressure controllers, based in Tucson, Arizona, US – co-developed a 3.000 PSI dual valve electronic pressure controller. This instrument has been popular among our customers ever since and still is available as the so-called EPR-3000 Series.

An important advantage of this dual valve electronic pressure controller is the built-in display. This makes it possible to set and read the pressure on the spot as well as to access all instrument parameters and PID controller. No computer connection necessary!

Furthermore, this instrument is available in CSE certification and ATEX category 3. The unit is available in different pressure ranges, both for smaller and higher pressures, and can be used up to 200 bar gauge. This PCD Dual Valve controller is an interesting choice for higher pressures and hazardous environments!


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