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How it works: Equilibar

Equilibar® dome-loaded precision back pressure regulators are based on a unique operating principle, that results in an incredibly fast response as well as high precision in maintaining the process pressure at the required level. The core of its performance is the diaphragm sealing the orifices in the instrument’s body or slightly lifting from them. Both to the exact extent needed to maintain a tight equilibrium between the inlet pressure and the dome pressure, thus constantly controlling the process pressure with great accuracy.

Unique in precision process control

NEW: EQ-DA Series Diaphragm Actuator

 We are Pressure Control Solutions. PCS.

Originally founded in 2016 to distribute Equilibar ® back pressure regulators in Northwest Europe. Now well-known and respected way beyond and for a much broader product portfolio. 

We provide precision process control solutions tailored to your process requirements. Often customized, always high quality.

Precision pressure control turns out to be a powerful basis for an innovative and broader perspective on process control. We are uniquely specialized in precision process control valves, operating in a niche market with process engineers around the world who continuously explore the boundaries of their application. 

PCS is the authorized distributor for all products of Equilibar®, LLC (US) for  Western Europe, more specifically this means that we address all inquiries for Equilibar products from customers in Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Flemish Belgium, Austria and the German-speaking part of Switzerland. 

Products of our own development – such as several electronic pressure controllers – are available also to customers in other countries.

Our portfolio includes many high-end automated product solutions for the automation of process control for different parameters, such as back  pressure, forward pressure, vacuum, flow, level, delta-P and more. 

If we cannot find an existing product that matches your needs, we even design and engineer it ourselves. 

With our unique experience and expertise – both in-house as well as through our broad network of skilled partners – we support you with detailed knowledge of many precision control instruments. Independent of brand manufacturers, always on the look-out for products and components that best match your process requirements.

Our supplier network includes partnerships with valued companies like Alicat Scientific, Bronkhorst High-Tech, Flowmeister, Gefran, Sens4, Wika and many more.

  • Communicate in English, Dutch & German;
  • Local stock of spare parts & accessories; 
  • Short delivery times;
  • Available for support in your own timezone!