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16 June 2023

Combination of Equilibar valves and Coriolis mass flow measuring for broad flow range and high stability

When it comes to achieving exceptional control and precision in flow measurement and regulation, Equilibar valves and Bronkhorst Coriolis mass flow meters are a winning combination. Taken together, they offer extraordinary capabilities and unparalleled performance. From controlling minute flows of 0.1 to 5 grams per hour at high pressures of 150 bar gauge, to effortlessly adapting for varying media types, Equilibar valves and Bronkhorst Coriolis mass flow meters provide process engineers and scientists with the tools they need to push the boundaries of pressure or fluid control.

An example of 17 custom-built flow controllers is shown on this page: These flow controllers can control 0.1…5 grams per hour at a pressure of 150 bar gauge and with control stability of 0.1%. The maximum pressure for these flow controllers is 200 bar and they can easily be configured to 200 grams per hour of either liquid, gas, or supercritical media. We combined the flow controllers with Equilibar dome-loaded, diaphragm-sealed multiple-orifice valves in stainless steel, which bring a Cv of 10E-9 to 0.01 to the application. For the sensor, we furthermore used Bronkhorst ML120 Coriolis mass flow meters. Making use of the Coriolis measuring principle on the impulse from the process media, enables the detection of a phase change in a vibrating measuring tube – resulting in a direct measure of mass flow under these conditions. At the flow rates mentioned above, we can only conclude that this is an impressive piece of technology, that is worth sharing!

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Precise Process Control at High Pressures

One of the most remarkable features of these custom-built flow controllers is their ability to maintain precise control even at high pressures. With a control stability of 0.1%, these flow controllers excel in regulating flow rates ranging from 0.1 to 200 grams per hour, all while operating under variable pressure conditions of up to 200 bar gauge.

Whether you’re working with liquids, gases, or supercritical media, Equilibar valves combined with Bronkhorst Coriolis mass flow meters offer unmatched accuracy and reliability. By effortlessly adapting to varying flow rates and pressures, these instruments enable users to achieve optimal control across a wide range of applications, from research and development to pilot plants and industrial processes.

Versatility in Configurability

Equilibar valves and Bronkhorst Coriolis mass flow meters are designed to be user-friendly and highly configurable. Engineers and scientists can easily tailor these instruments to meet their specific requirements, even when dealing with higher pressures or larger flow rates.

For applications demanding higher pressure capabilities, Pressure Control Solutions offers customizable solutions that can be configured to withstand even more extreme conditions. By leveraging our expertise in precision pressure control and combining the robustness of Equilibar’s control valves with the versatility of Bronkhorst Coriolis mass flow meters, users gain access to a comprehensive system capable of tackling the most demanding processes.

Furthermore, these flow controllers can accommodate a wide range of media types, including liquids, gases, and supercritical fluids. This versatility position these flow controllers exceptionally well for a broad spectrum of industries, from pharmaceuticals and chemical manufacturing to energy and environmental research.

Unleashing Precision Fluid Control across Industries

Whether you’re conducting intricate research experiments, optimizing industrial processes, or developing cutting-edge technologies, these flow controllers ensure that you have tools that help you utilize the full potential of precision fluid control. With their high accuracy and exceptional control stability of 0.1%, these flow controllers allow for fine-tuning at even the smallest flow rates, enabling precise experimentation and manufacturing processes. These impressive capabilities also include the ability to control flow rates as low as 0.1 grams per hour, operating at high pressures of 200 bar gauge, all at the mentioned control stability of 0.1%. Taken together, these product features empower users to unlock unparalleled precision in their processes.

The Equilibar valves’ unique design, featuring multiple orifices and a flexible diaphragm, provides unparalleled sensitivity and responsiveness. This innovative design ensures precise pressure control across the entire flow range. In tandem with the Equilibar valves, Bronkhorst’s Coriolis mass flow meters offer exceptional measurement accuracy. By utilizing the Coriolis principle, which measures the mass flow directly, these meters provide reliable and repeatable measurements, independent of fluid properties such as viscosity or density. With their versatility, configurability, and unwavering performance, these instruments offer a reliable and efficient solution for a wide range of applications in many different industries.

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We conclude that these 17 beautiful sets of Equilibar valves combined with Bronkhorst Coriolis mass flow meters represent a remarkable pairing that elevates fluid control to new heights. From controlling ultra-low flow rates to operating at high pressures, these flow controllers excel in providing accurate and stable measurements, enabling engineers and scientists to achieve extraordinary capabilities in their respective fields. With Equilibar and Bronkhorst, precision and control are not just aspirations but tangible realities, empowering professionals to push boundaries and unlock new possibilities in fluid control and measurement.

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