Enhanced Process Technology and Pressure Control & the Future of Sustainable Protein Production

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29 October 2023

Equilibar’s Technical Content Creator was recently featured in this very informative article on ValveMagazine.com: Diane Jacober discusses the future of sustainable manufacturing of protein products and ‘alternative meats’. It describes how cutting-edge process technology, coupled with precise pressure control solutions, is reshaping the landscape of protein products. From innovative production methods to eco-friendly solutions, this piece explores the pivotal role of precision pressure control in driving much-needed change towards a more sustainable production process. A must-read for R&D teams, manufacturers, and process enthusiasts who are interested in developments around “green technology”!

More specifically, the article describes how existing production methods and bioreactor technology known from the life sciences industry are useful in the development of new protein products, but at the same time bring new challenges because food production requires very different scaling than most pharmaceutical production processes. Scientists worldwide are actively working on how to measure best and control relevant process parameters. Proper sizing of control valves as well as adequate automated pilot control are challenges that need to be addressed and where valve experts like Pressure Control Solutions and Equilibar are happy to contribute!

Processes like tangential flow filtration (TFF) and the challenge of transmembrane pressure (TMP) control as well as tank blanketing can benefit from selecting the right valve, enabling superior pressure control capabilities. Selecting the right control valve will also allow the reduction of waste during the production process.

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