PCS and Equilibar will be at ACHEMA 2022

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2 August 2022

You’re invited!

PCS and Equilibar cordially invite you to join us for ACHEMA 2022 this August in Frankfurt, Germany:

Date: 23 – 26 August 2022
Venue: Frankfurt Messe, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Tickets: See PDF or below

Register for your complimentary ticket: Please register at https://www.achema.de/tickets/ and then use voucher code A_YG#2FYaP.

Sneak Peak: New Products to be Launched at ACHEMA 2022

EQ-DA: Electronic Diaphragm Actuator

This August in Frankfurt, PCS will introduce and demonstrate its latest product development that is both unique and highly innovative: Our very own Electronic Diaphragm Actuator!

The EQ-DA enables superior control of any process parameter under the most demanding process conditions. This control valve is even more versatile and robust than our current product portfolio. 

Stop by our booth to check it out!



Due to the robust design, excellent stability, chemically inert wetted parts, and two-phase flow capability, Equilibar dome-loaded valves are ideal for pressure control in electrolysis.

Balancing the pressure between an anode and a cathode, while power from green power sources varies, is a challenge. Equilibar introduces an innovative solution to manage this balancing act.

The Equilibar Equalizer can keep the pressure between the anode and cathode within a bandwidth of 0.02% of each other, while static pressure can rise to 55 bar gauge.


High-Precision Vacuum Control

High-precision vacuum control enables advanced solutions for achieving high-precision vacuum control; PCS integrates dome-loaded regulators with electronic closed-loop control systems.

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