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Regulators in the EVR Series | Direct vacuum control

Equilibar’s dome-loaded diaphragm-sealed multi-orifice technology is the basis of the EVR Series vacuum regulators. In analogy with the back pressure regulator product lines, the EVR Series offers vacuum regulators on different scales:

  • 3 EVR-BD models, each in 4 different sizes, for larger or industrial processes
  • 3 EVR-GSD models, each in 5 different sizes, for pilot-plant-scale-processes or smaller production processes

The EVR-BD and EVR-GSD products are explained in more detail on this page.

  • Although not listed in the product brochure of the EVR Series, PCS also regularly and successfully applies regulators from the Research Series for precise and stable vacuum control in R&D-size-applications: See this page on vacuum regulators for research

Direct vacuum regulators versus vacuum breakers

Remarkable about the EVR Series is that these instruments are direct vacuum regulators, and not so-called “vacuum breakers”. EVR regulators control the vacuum pressure directly (at the given setpoint) by modulating the flow to the vacuum pump, whereas vacuum breakers control the vacuum by overwhelming the vacuum pump with a gas flow. These “non-relieving regulators” require a constantly available gas flow (which can be tiny!). With the EVR Series, the necessary gas flow is by definition much smaller than the gas flow needed in systems with a vacuum breaker. This facilitates better efficiency (less gas consumption) as well as better accuracy in vacuum control (smaller gas flows mean larger precision).

For processes without any gas flow, we will recommend easy methods to ensure a small gas bleed in your application.

Vacuum applications

Examples of our innovative approach to vacuum control can be found in the Applications tab on the left and in our Expertise section.

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