Equilibar® Research Series

Back pressure regulators for problem solvers & innovators

The Research Series is the largest and most diverse product line of the Equilibar product family. Primarily intended for use in R&D and experimental processes, but equally successful amongst process engineers for any other smaller-size applications.

The Research Series offers thoroughly robust, versatile, and mature pressure regulators, available in many variations:

Zero Flow | ZF Series  –  Ultra Low Flow | ULF Series  –  Low Flow | LF Series  –  High Flow | HF Series  –  High Temperature | HT Series  –  Miniature | LVF Series  –  Supercritical | BR Series

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This page introduces you to the Research Series in general, but we have so much information and expertise about these powerful process control instruments that each of the Research-product lines also has its own page, for an even more detailed and complete overview.

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