About Equilibar Precision Pressure Control

We are the only authorized distributor for Equilibar®, LLC (US) products in North-West Europe. Therefore we are reselling into Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Flemish Belgium, Austria and the German speaking part of Switzerland.

Our supplier Equilibar is located in Fletcher, USA. Equilibar manufactures precision control valves, that are suitable for the most sophisticated and demanding applications. Equilibar specializes in high-performance back pressure regulators and control valves.

All of Equilibar’s back pressure regulators and control valves are pilot operated. Therefore,  they offer a wide range of both manual and electronic pressure controllers. Although all regulators are custom built to meet the required process condition, they still offer very short lead times.

Besides back pressure regulators, they also provide vacuum controllers based on the same patented multiple orifice designs. Allowing to control very stable sub-atmospheric pressure, almost independent of the flow. 

With our unique expertise of precision process control and Equilibar’s unparalleled control valves, Pressure Control Solutions  also developed many product solutions resulting in precision process control of other process parameters, such as flow – level – delta-P and more. Check out our Expertise pages for more information!  

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