New Year, New Office for PCS

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21 February 2019

Exciting news: The new year comes with a new office location for PCS.

PCS is growing and we are constantly working on extending our product portfolio and services to our clients. Early 2019 we moved into a new office location to facilitate this growth. We now have room for more team members, but also room for more stock, extensive testing, and in-house product development.

The office is part of the new “Brinkstaete business center” in Veenendaal; we are still centrally located in North-Western Europe!

We are specifically proud that our new facility will not use any fossil fuel. Heat is generated electrically by heat pumps and combined air conditioning and heating units, all powered by solar panels. Building isolation is according to the latest standards and all lighting comes from LED panels.

We are confident that the new office will bring new opportunities and benefits, for our team but most of all for you as our business partners!