Refineries, Energy & Waste

Refineries, Energy & Waste is the market segment of companies involved in (renewable) energy & waste related processes, who – in this era – represent a rapidly growing industry. More than ever, this market is facing enormous challenges to help preserve nature and climate for future generations. Process conditions in this context are often extremely challenging when it comes to pressure and flow control.

What does Pressure Control Solutions offer customers in the Refineries, Energy & Waste market?

Pressure Control Solutions is passionate about innovation for the benefit of the earth and thus we go the extra mile for customers in the Refineries, Energy & Waste market to help protect the earth. We are also specially equipped to serve customers in this market and industry segment: With our innnovative precision pressure control and vacuum solutions, we can supply precision instruments that can meet the most demanding process conditions that enable customers to extend the boundaries of the process technology and their process applications.

Example customers and applications in the Refineries, Energy & Waste market

We have customers in the oil and gas industry where coreflooding is a common application; back pressure regulators are regularly supplied here. Since such processes often contain corrosive media such as brine, standard stainless steel valves are not sufficient. Instead, we can provide Hastelloy backpressure regulators, often for very low Cv values enabling full valve shutoff.

We also serve multiple customers active in waste management and recycling as well as renewable energy research and production companies. Many of these customers work with fuel cell technology, facing the challenge to achieve high precision pressure control whilst optimizing their process conditions for optimal performance. We offer products that are uniquely capable of fullfilling these demanding requirements. Read our blog on Industrial Applications: Energy Production if you would like to know more.

Do you have a pressure challenge related to Refineries, Energy & Waste?

Pressure Control Solutions is specialized in the development and sales of precision pressure control products. The more demanding your process conditions are regarding the instrumentation you work with, the better we can help you select the appropriate product. We list possible applications on our Applications page. You can browse our products online or play around with possible process parameters in our product configurator portal.

Contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for! We often develop customized product solutions for customers and are confident we can also help you.