Each customer is different;  no application is the same. Each application has its own, unique parameters. To illustrate the wide range of possibilities for our products, we list a number of applications below. 

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Research Applications

Because of its excellent performance, rangeability, stability and precision, Equilibar® back pressure regulators are a perfect fit for research applications. Customers are many engineers from universities and research institutions all around the world have chosen Equilibar and as a result, we have wide experience with all kinds of research application. Some interesting examples are explained in this category.

Industrial Applications

In industrial applications, a product’s most important feature is probably reliability: Good quality and efficient production processes rely on its components to do as planned and expected. With Equilibar, the control of process parameters like pressure, vacuum, and flow, can be designed to be as reliable as you need it to be!  

  • Energy production
  • Fuel cell testing
  • Valve test & repair equipment
  • Fuel pump testing
  • Refrigeration
  • Tank padding/blanketing
  • Continuous and semi-continuous extrusion
  • Pressure safety disc protection
  • Industrial gas blowing
  • Sanitary Applications
  • (Bio)pharmaceutical filtration
  • (Bio)pharmaceutical column chromatography
  • CIP and SIP industrial cleaning
  • Low flow dosing valves with high CIP flow capacity
  • Controlling pump slip in positive displacement pumps
  • Food and beverage filling machines
  • Single-use control valve
  • Crossflow filtration / Tangential flow filtration (TFF)
  • WFI user point flow control
  • Water for injection systems (WFI)

Flow Control Applications


Vacuum Applications

Control precision, large Cv range, robustness and its resistance to high temperatures are just part of the reasons that Equilibar back pressure regulators have been successfully applied in vacuum applications by our customers. We explain some of our prior projects below.

Level Control Applications

Pump Control Applications

  • Impuls pump control 
  • Pump pressure control 
  • Multi-point consumer pump control
  • Pressure disruption minimization
  • Slip/leak control