Industry & Manufacturing

Markets PCS works for: Industry

The market segment of “Industry & Manufacturing” is one of the broadest and most diverse markets that we operate in: From pilot plant builders and system integrators to equipment manufacturers; from dairy and food factories to high-tech; many production processes that involve aspects related to pressure control or pressure changes benefit from the solutions and expertise that Pressure Control Solutions has to offer.

Also in Industry & Manufacturing, our precision pressure control products have been widely discovered and adopted by process engineers. Across the world and also in Europe, we see a continuously increasing demand from industrial customers and manufacturers for smart (electronic) solutions for pressure and process control.

Moreover, in addition to our customer base growing steadily, we also see a signficant growth of the size, scale and volume of customer applications where our products are used. Pilot plants, upscaling, production environments – we have precision pressure control products for all phases and sizes in process technology.

What does Pressure Control Solutions offer Industry & Manufacturing customers?

Especially the back pressure regulators in the GS Series and the BD Series, but also Vacuum Regulators and electronic pressure controllers, are often applied by customers in Industrial and Manufacturing environments. You can find more examples of successful applications on our Applications page.

Do you wonder if we can also solve your pressure challenge related to Industry & Manufacturing?

According to our customers, the precision process control technology that we offer is not only groundbreaking and relevant in smaller scale or experimental set-ups, but is also a proven, reliable solution for demanding production processes and manufacturing applications.

You can browse our products online or play around with possible process parameters in our product configurator portal.

Contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for! We regularly develop customized product solutions for customers and are confident we can also help you.