Food & Beverage

The Food & Beverage industry obviously has very specific requirements for processing in this industry. With Equilibar’s FD Series but also several of our other product lines we can supply process control instruments that are well-positioned to meet customer requirements in this market.

Customers in the Food & Beverage industry

We serve an increasing customer base in the food & beverage industry. Customer applications range from filling machines to precise vacuum control in pick & place machines and robotics, as well as adding fizz (CO2) into soft drinks and pressure control during food coating processes. The media used in these examples (both gases and liquids) vary widely, from the product or coating itself to CO2 and air. Certifications are therefore of paramount importance, which can be provided in the form of FDA and EC 1935/2004 among others. Regulators in the FD Series but also the other product lines can be particularly helpful in food-related process technology.

Do you have a pressure challenge related to Food & Beverage process lines?

Pressure Control Solutions is specialized in the development and sales of precision pressure control products. The more demanding your process conditions are regarding the instrumentation you work with, the better we can help you select the appropriate product. We list possible applications on our Applications page. You can browse our products online or play around with possible process parameters in our product configurator portal.

Contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for! We often develop customized product solutions for customers and are confident we can also help you.