Equilibar Series 3000 Forward Pressure Reducing Regulator

Manual Pilot Controller

Max. Pressure: 690 bar gauge (10.000 PSI)

Customers often use the series 3000 for piloting high-pressure Equilibar® back pressure regulators. This series offers two models for high-pressure low-flow pressure control. The first is a brass version, available up to 400 bar. This brass self-venting regulator vents through the bonnet. Therefore, it is very useful for the control of inert gases. Furthermore, we offer the stainless steel 316 version. Customers use this version often with a captured vent in combination with a back pressure regulator, in harsh environments. Since we place back pressure regulators downstream of a process, there is always a chance of aggressive and toxic media escaping. The captured vent helps to dispose of these chemicals safely to a vent line.

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