Research & Development

PCS Expertise Engineering

Our customers in the R&D market include a wide variety of universities and academia, research companies and R&D departments across multiple segments of industry, both in large multinational corporations as well as in small or middle-sized or specialized niche companies. Research & Development thus is a significant and diverse market for Pressure Control Solutions, including organizations and business activities such as:

  • Academic research
  • Analysis and analytical processing
  • Catalysis and catalyst research
  • Testing and validation processes

What does Pressure Control Solutions offer R&D customers?

Especially the back pressure regulators in the Research Series and the vacuum regulators for research – as well as electronic back pressure regulators – can generally be applied to any fundamental academic research performed in universities facing flow or pressure control issues.

For example, our flow and pressure control products can be applied to analytical (chemical) techniques, such as rheology and chromatography (HPLC, GC), and many more. A specific discipline of research we regularly supply to, is catalytic research. Catalysis requires precise pressure control, making it an ideal application for our precise manual or electronic back pressure technology and products. Another example for the application of our precision pressure control technology is the Haber process, in which N₂ and H₂ are catalytically converted to NH3 under high pressures (200 bar).

Do you have a pressure challenge related to Research & Development?

Pressure Control Solutions is specialized in the development and sales of precision pressure control products. The more demanding your process conditions are regarding the instrumentation you work with, the better we can help you select the appropriate product. We list possible applications on our Applications page. You can browse our products online or play around with possible process parameters in our product configurator portal.

Contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for! We often develop customized product solutions for customers and are confident we can also help you.