Flow Controllers by PCS: What’s different?

  • We only supply fully customized flow controllers
  • Manufactured for your particular process parameters & adapted to your process
  • Always matching your needs in rangeability, precision and versatility
  • Combined with an Equilibar control valve that is also tailored to your application
  • Offering a wide variety of specialty flow sensors

Flow Controllers by PCS: Outperforming convention!

This results in tailor-made solutions that surpass the performance of conventional flow controllers:

  • Conventional valves are often not capable of handling specialty requirements, such as high pressure oder supercritical CO2
  • Elevated temperatures are not an issue anymore!
  • Rangeability up to 1:5.000 with just 1 flow controller


Flow Control Applications – Examples

There are many processes and applications involving flow, where PCS can help you. Both with our experience and expertise and with our unique precision process control products. Examples include product dosing, coating installations, high-resolution flow control, supercritical fluid control, pump flow control, mass flow meter calibration, continuous flow chemistry etc.

With our expertise around pressure, PCS takes flow control to the next level!

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